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Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Back in my early thirties, I was busy creating a body of artwork. I was determined to get my unique expression out into the world. So, I found a part-time job at a flower shop to pay the rent for my apartment/studio which was right across the street. I learned a great deal during the time I was there. I loved the people I worked with and we had a lot of fun. Sara was in her sixties and had many stories to share with me. We both loved to talk about the deeper meaning of life and I found her experiences extremely interesting.

She liked to share the books she was reading and told me about Loving What Is by Byron Katie, originally published in 2002. I found a copy as soon as I possibly could.

It is an extraordinarily simple way to investigate the thoughts that are bothering you and bring clarity to a troubled mind.

Now that I am writing a book of my own, I have decided to include The Work of Byron Katie because The Work has been so impactful in my own life. The process consists of four questions and a turnaround. It is so simple and yet the results of inquiry are incredibly profound.

I am re-reading the revised edition now. It’s been twenty years since the book was originally published. I never forgot the impact it had on me then and the peace it is bringing me now is indescribable.

What happens in our lives is never as bad as the thoughts we have about it. Change your thoughts and change your life. Once you learn to do that, you can experience true freedom.

The Work can be found on the website

If you’ve tried it. I’d be very interested in learning what insights came to you!

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